Sunday, February 22, 2009

Game Night

Mom had organized a game night the evening after we got to Alabama so we could have some fun and catch up with several of our game-loving friends. It was a lot of fun!

Much of what I did was to just "be sociable" and talked with so many people. I tend to think that I'm not very personable at times so it was fun to just enjoy hanging out with my friends. Here Lori is showing us some pictures from the last camping trip.

Of course our wedding album had to come out once again and we had some fun looking over the pictures from what seems like quite a while ago now (we've almost been married for 6 months!).

Everyone brought so much good food! And it was just the right height for Sara Kate!

Some of the kids headed straight for the Foosball table. As so many kids have grown up at my parents house and due to keeping toys around for grand kids, there are still plenty of toys to play with.

Boys being boys!

I'm so cute - how could I ever cause anyone trouble :)

Another group of more serious game players played what sounded to be an exciting game of balderdash!

Look at that intense concentration!

Of course some people just have to keep having fun :) This is a great picture of Lori and Anna!

Kevin looking very studious

Eventually we all did play "the name game" together. It was a large group of people and there were a lot of laughs over the crazy names that many had made up. I'm looking forward to seeing many of these good friends (and others too) next month when we go down south once again for our annual spring camping trip!

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Lydia said...

Great memories! I'm so glad we got to have that game night with you! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!