Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Camping Countdown - 3 weeks!

I'm from a camping family. We have gone camping since before I can remember. I guess the camping tradition begin when my parents got married. Actually, it really started many years before that with my Dad's family. We have pictures of Dad camping with his family in Africa. They played games and had fun as we do today.

Thinking about our upcoming camping trip inspired me to take a look at some of the pictures from past camping trips. I've chosen some pictures - somewhat at random that show many different aspects of camping over the last few years. Instead of using all of them in one post, I've made them into 8 collages and will post 2 collages each Friday from now until our October 19th camping trip.

Before moving to Alabama, we always went camping as a family. I know we went to Mount Nebo in Arkansas at least once, and I'm sure we camped at several other places as well. We would spend time as a family hiking and playing games. Camping was always something I looked forward too.

Some things have changed. . . Our camping trips these days typically involve more than just our family. The many people make it so much fun. Many of our camping friends are busy in other towns, churches, and circles throughout the year. But camping brings us together each spring and/or fall. With 50 or more friends, it's usually not hard to find someone or even a group that wants to play a game or hike together. Its fun to see the children getting older and better at volley ball or the card game of the day. Yes, we still play games, but the games now include things like volley ball, kick ball, and ultimate frisbee. Those games are only possibly when camping with friends! I still look forward to the weekend of camping and can't wait for this fall camping trip to be here!


Anna Naomi said...

*cough* Um... wonderful picture of us on top, there. :-)

I can't wait for camping! It's so much fun to be with friends out in God's great outdoors! Thanks for sharing the random pictures!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I am looking forward to camping so much! Since we weren't able to really "camp" in the spring, I have all my camping energy saved up.

Miriam said...

Anna - I thought the picture was fun! There's too many "perfect pictures" out there, so we needed to have some funny face pictures!

Miriam - I can't wait for the camping trip either. Just a few more weeks!