Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Games and Siblings !

My sister Anna has started a series on Siblings on Maidens of Worth (the blog she and her friend Miriam H. have). Her latest post, Sibling Snapshots: Games! reminded me of these pictures I had in a box.

On the top left you'll see our Aunt Ruth and Dad playing Take 2 with us. Take 2 is a much faster way to use scrabble tiles and is a game we have loved at times. To the right is a fun picture of dutch blitz. As Anna said her her post, it is definitely not a calm game, and is a lot of fun! The bottom left and right picures are just some fun ones showing all of us probably 10 years ago. The center picture was taken after we finished make a Risk board out of a map from Geography Songs. For a little while, we actually had a rule that you had to sing and point to all the contries in any continent you conquered. That took awhile and also took all the fun out of getting places like Africa, so it didn't last too long!

Thanks Anna for doing the siblings posts!

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Anna Naomi said...

You actually did the hard thing and scanned pictures in! I didn't have time to do it yesterday, but I'll probably dig up some old photos of us one of these days.

Thanks for coming last night! We always enjoy having you with us.