Monday, September 17, 2007

Learn the Books of the Old Testament with Memlok!

Say the Books! is the best way I’ve found to teach the books of the Old Testament to my first grade AWANA Sparks class. It’s a fun story created by Memlok Bible Memory System. Check it out here! The book can be purchased online and then downloaded immediately in pdf form. In previous years, I’ve made the copies into coloring books for each child. This year, I’m making a handout each week that includes a few of the pictures from Say the Books! as well as our science experiment and a little about that week’s missionary story.
But back to Say the Books. In addition to the story line and coloring pages, each book of the Bible includes a fun action that the children learn. Each year I’ve taken pictures of the children acting out the books of the Old Testament. I have enjoyed doing a variation of the above picture each year using the children in my class. I don’t really know who has more fun in AWANA – is it the children I teach or me!


Ivory said...

The pictures are awesome. You come up with the most creative and fun ways to learn. Keep up the good work.

Miriam said...