Friday, September 21, 2007

Girl Talk with Mary Mohler

The following Q&A is taken from an interview Girl Talk is doing with Mary Mohler. I'm posting this especially for Maria and Michele and also for any other stay-at-home moms who might read this post.

"What do you think is one of the greatest needs among mothers today and how would you encourage them?

As I said in the "Motherhood Matters" article that you kindly referenced above, I think moms need to stop apologizing for doing a full time job full time! I am not going to state that all moms must be stay at home moms but for those who are, they must stop feeling inferior for their decision. I am tired of the mentality that is becoming more and more prevalent that says women who stay at home raising their children are wasting themselves even as they serve to drag down the economy. That’s a lie. Women who are home raising their children should do so with gusto and no regrets. No one can love your children like you can. God made you to be their mother and no one else. Learn everything you can about how to be the best mom you can be by God’s grace. Hold your head high when you state that you are a mom—not “just a mom” but a mom full time. Love your job because the days are fleeting. Those precious little ones will be grown up sooner than you think. Motherhood is a high calling now just as it has always been. Those who think otherwise are deceiving themselves. "

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Luke said...

Thank you Miriam for thinking of us! I enjoy staying at home so much but at times can fall into self-pity about staying at home. This article hits it right on saying motherhood is a high-calling and not one to be esteemed lightly! Raising our children is our (Luke's and my) responsibility and noone else's!!

love ya,