Sunday, September 16, 2007

Six Flags Over Georgia!

On Saturday, Jubilee and I enjoyed an awesome day at Six Flags Over Georgia! We met Kevin and Rachael there as planned, and spent most of the day on the rides. We begin and ended the by riding the Goliath. This ride was once again my favorite. We actually rode it four times! The first two times we barely had to wait in line. The last time, we thought we might not get to ride (there was a problem and after that seemed to be repaired, they let other people go in front of us). But the last time was definitely worth the wait as we finally rode in the front and thoroughly enjoyed those steep hills in the cool dark park! It was an absolute blast!
In addition to Goliath, we also rode Superman (seemed short by comparison), Batman (always a nice ride since your feet can swing), Deja Vu (still scares me!), Mindbender (a fun older ride), and Georgia Scorcher (way too short). None of us cared to waste time on the Scream Machine, Ninja or Georgia Cyclone since those rides are quite rough.

We did spend some time in line, but the time flew by with conversation, picture taking and playing more than a couple games of go fish and one game of scratch. Indeed! We actually brought and used cards while in line. Yelling, "Jubilee, do you have a 9?" in the deafening snaking line for batman was certainly a different kind of card playing experience!
Jubilee and Rachael especially enjoyed the water rides. We all rode Thunder River once. I had already decided that if I made it of the boat without getting thouroughly soaked, I would not ride again. The last time I tried to make it through that ride twice, I was drenched the second time I went. I didn't get too wet the first time, so I found a good spot to take pictures as Jubille and Racheal rode over and over trying to get more soaked than the other! As they were both completely drenched, I think they tied!
Later we also rode Splash Water Falls, and were disappointed when we stood on the bridge afterward to get splashed, and the water didn't even touch us! They must not have had quite enough water in there! Overall the day was just about perfect! I wanted to write more, but think that getting to sleep would be even better!


Anna Naomi said...

Glad you had fun! Great idea to take pictures - I suppose you took pictures of the screen to get the shots of you on the rides? Playing games in line... I suppose that is a way to pass the time! =)

Trisha said...

I learn something new about you all the time Miriam. I didn't think that there was any ride that actually scared you! I've never been to 6 Flags, but am sure most would scare me! Someday I hope to go and find out. Glad you had an awesome time. Trisha

Ivory said...

Zipping around Six Flags on roller coasters such fun. Glad you and Jubilee had fun. Your pictures are awesome.

Miriam said...

It was so much fun! Just thinking about it again today makes me smile!

Trisha-though I am actually scared on that ride, I'm not as scared as I was the last time I rode it a couple years ago. I would actually ride it more than once in a day now (as long as the lines were not too long!). Last time (which was my first time on it), I had no intention of getting back on that ride that day!

Elijah Lofgren said...

Hi Miriam,

Cool! Thanks for posting the pictures!

Sorry I haven't been reading you're blog. I've been crazy busy and staying up crazy late (3:00am last night).

Love ya,