Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Blog! Kevin's Shadowlands

Check out the Kevin's blog called Shadowlands! I met Kevin and Candi and their family through our church years ago. I think they've been at Fountain of Grace as long as I have. In the last 5 years of teaching sparks, I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching their three oldest children. I've had fun with the whole family on countless camping trips and games nights! Lydia, Anna and I have had enjoyed babysitting their kids many times, and Jubilee and Rachael an inseparable when together. One cool thing about their family is that they love to have fun and take crazy pictures. I don't know too many families who each have their own "funny face" they tend to make for cameras! As a family, they enjoy each other and are real about following God. Kevin may not have time to blog a lot, but I for one will enjoy reading whatever he has time to write!

(Note, you should be able to see the picture better by clicking on it to open it in another window)

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