Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures Part 1 - Seattle and Marymere Falls

Before too much time goes by, I want to post a bit about each day of our honeymoon! We had a terrific time and took well over 600 pictures, so it's a bit of a daunting task to make them into something manageably small. But, since I think some of you might be interested in seeing more pictures, I will attempt to make a post out of each days pictures.

We left the Columbus airport around on Monday 5pm and arrived in Seattle without delay by around 10pm. We were able to stay in a Mariotte Town Place Suites with points that I earned last year due to the business trips to Chicago! It was very nice - more like an apartment than a hotel.

Tuesday morning we got on the road and headed over to the Seattle Ferries. Since we wanted a long ferry ride, we chose the ferry to Bremerton.

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the views of Seattle as we left.

Once we arrived in Bremerton, we drove on to Port Angeles where we stocked up on some groceries and other essentials at Walmart - always a very useful store! We bought stuff to make sandwiches as well as some breakfast food so we wouldn't be stuck eating every meal at the overpriced lodge.

Soon we were at our lodge at Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. After taking a brief nap, we took a short 1.5 mile hike to beautiful Marymere Falls.
We got back just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset at the lake!
I hope you enjoyed getting a "picture" of the great scenery and fun that we had on our first day in Washington state!
Note - you can click on the individual pictures if you would like to see them full screen.


Anna Naomi said...

It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing about your time - I look forward to reading and seeing pictures from the other days as well!

Tiffany of Dixie said...


You don't know me, but I read your sister Anna's blog and visit yours some as well (especially since the wedding--I am waiting for more pictures! :-)

I couldn't help commenting because we have family in Washington and have been there several times. We stayed at Lake Crescent, hiked to Marymere Falls, drove through Seattle, and have followed the same route y'all did. As I looked at the pictures, I kept saying, "I stood right there just a few weeks ago!"

Congratulations on your marriage! May the Lord richly bless your new family and may you grow in love toward each other and toward our heavenly Father.

In Him,
Tiffany from South Carolina

PoetLady said... was the interview?

Your sis,

Miriam said...

Anna - I'm working on day two now!

Tiffany - thanks for commenting! It's neat that you were there too-it's a beautiful place! I'll be posting more wedding pictures soon. I may wait a couple days as I have to go through a lot to decide what to post, but maybe I'll take time to do that tomorrow.

Maria - the interview seemed to go well. Three guys spoke with me and I enjoyed talking with them (who doesn't like talking about themselves and all the "wonderful" things they have done!). I got to tour the shop and speak with the two engineers after the talking part of the interview. Seems like a nice place. They have to meet and I'm supposed to think about what I've seen and call them back. Funny thing - 20 minutes before going in for the interview, the place John works called and set up a lunch interview for Wednesday. I guess we'll see what happens!