Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures Part 4 - Hurricane Ridge and the Coast

On Friday Morning we took a scenic drive up Hurricane Ridge. It was great to get a good view of the Olympic mountains and the glaciers on them!
These pictures are looking toward Port Angeles and Victoria. It was a bit cold up on the mountain.
Within just a few hours, we drove down the mountain and around the park to the coast on the west side of Olympic Park.
I enjoyed the coast as there were great rocks to climb. I'm more of a climber than John, but he did join me on one of the rocks! I was wishing that my younger siblings were there. Lydia, Elijah, Anna and Jubilee would no doubt enjoy climbing those rocks as well. Climbing these rocks reminded me of climbing the great rocks at Joshua Tree.

After a little more driving, we arrived at Lake Quinault Lodge where we stayed for the night. It was a beautiful place and is from what they said, in a rain forest. This was our last night in Olympic National Park so we were a bit sad to know that our time there was coming to an end. Hopefully someday we can return!


Anna Naomi said...

Wow! Again, great pictures! The scenery is stunning!

Luke and Michele said...

I like how you arranged the pictures. Very creative!

Miriam said...

Thanks! John takes awesome pictures and picasa is great!