Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Job Interview at Noon

Please pray for me as I have a job interview at noon. I don't know exactly what position I am interviewing for, but I would be working for the same company that John does. I've never had a lunch interview so this should be interesting.

I haven't heard anything back yet from the place I interviewed on Thursday. I would really like it if I knew where I would be working by the end of this month so we could find a new apartment.

Thanks for praying!


i'm beccy. said...

Praying for your interview today. Been enjoying your photos from your trip. I am glad you had such a great time!

Miriam said...

Thanks for letting me know you prayed for me! I just got back from the interview - I think it went well. The job is more paperwork focused, but local. The other job is still wanting to interview more people before they make a decision so I just get to wait and see if an offer comes. . . Thankfully I know that God will guide me in the right way!

I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures! They have been a lot of fun to put together!

Karen said...

Hope you are able to get a job soon! Guess you already had the interview as its Wed evening, but I will pray that you get a job and that it is one you enjoy!!
I really should look into picassa, after what you showed me you could do, and all this stuff on your blog, sounds great!!!Glad ya'll had a nice time on your honeymoon!