Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Pictures Part 1 - Bridal Pictures at Millbrook Park

This is the first of many posts that will include wedding pictures. For those of you who are already tired of pictures of our wedding and honeymoon, I'm sure I'll run out sometime soon and move on to different posts :)

But as I've never had wedding pictures to post before, I want to post them on here in order to share my favorite pictures with each of you.

On the Tuesday before the wedding, I went to Montgomery where Tammy practiced doing my makeup. I don't typically wear any makeup and was very thankful that Tammy so graciously volunteered to do my makeup. She did a great job and put on what seemed to me to be the perfect amount without doing too much!

I met my friend Karen (who was also one of our wedding photographers!) at the park in Millbrook, Alabama in order to take bridal pictures. I arrived a little before Karen did and at first felt incredibly strange and conspicuous sitting in my car at the park. I don't like to be "out of place" and certainly did at that point in time as I watch people walking on the 1/4 mile trail near my car. Soon I decided that I would simply have fun with this and got over my self-consciousness - not everyone can go to a park in a wedding dress!

When Karen arrived, we quickly got to work and took some awesome pictures!

Karen had great ideas for many different poses! Millbrook Park seems to be a perfect place to take these kind of posed pictures.

We realized only after looking over the pictures after returning home that I had forgotten to take off my watch :) Oh well, it definitely looks more like me to have a watch. (By the way, I haven't seen my watch since my wedding. I wonder if I've lost it for good?)

Overall it was a fun time and I think Karen took some awesome pictures! They look very professional to me. When I got one printed at Walmart, they asked for a copyright! I guess the lady there finally believed me that a friend had taken it with her awesome camera.

Thanks Karen for taking such awesome pictures!


Anna Naomi said...

Beautiful! You are a truly beautiful bride, Miriam! I'm glad you got to get some outside pictures taken!

natalie said...

Oh Miriam these look so professional! And of course you look absolutely beautiful makeup and all! Thanks for sharing I am not tired of wedding and honeymoon pictures yet!