Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're Home!

What a nice feeling - to be home! I haven't really been at home--defined as a permanent place where I don't live out of a suitcase :)--since leaving my place in Millbrook at then end of May. So it is indeed nice to be home. I've been busy sorting stuff and settling in - it feels great!

We did have a wonderful honeymoon. I enjoyed traveling and spending time with John while enjoying new places and taking (and having John take!) tons of pictures. I intend to post a few pictures each day so you all can see the cool places we went. Hopefully my good intentions will be carried out!

Our plane left Seattle after Midnight Sunday so we had a restless night sleeping on two planes and in the Minneapolis airport. But after resting a little after we got home around noon on Monday, we had some fun opening up the many nice wedding gifts and cards we had received. We have been truly blessed beyond our wildest imagination!

For those of you who are interested in seeing the many cool things we received, here's the pictures!

I am still putting gifts away and will get back to that now though I hope to post more soon.

Oh, if you think of it. Please pray for my job interview tomorrow at 1:30. After a phone interview a couple weeks ago, I was very interested in this job. So I'm looking forward to the interview - though I suppose I'll be a tad bit nervous :)


Luke and Michele said...

Dearest Mrs. Rajan, :)

Glad you made it back and are settling in. I will pray for your interview. Where is the job located? I really like the pottery, very pretty!

Miriam said...

:) The job is near Hayesville, OH - about 30 miles from where we are. I'm ready to know where I'll work so we can look for another place to live.

The potter is really nice! The pitcher was given to us by his friend Eric (one of the brothers who played the piano before) and the rest were made by Cousin Chaz's wife Jana!

Love ya!

Miriam (Mrs. Rajan is a bit too formal!)

Luke and Michele said...

I didn't realize Jana made pottery. How cool that it all matches!
Oh, you'll get used to Mrs. Rajan soon enough. :)

Mrs. Lofgren (hee hee!)