Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Pictures: The Girls

Nicely framed by the candles!

Miriam and the girls #1

Miriam and the girls #2

Miriam and the girls #3

John and all the girls!

All of us girls!

Lydia, my sister and maid-of-honor. She's two days less than five years younger than I. When I was a child, I always wished I had a twin - I guess Lydia was my twin five years later as several people have mistaken us for twins! She is in her junior year at Toccoa Falls College.

My bridesmaid Tamra, one of my best friends. We met in Calculus and Chemistry class in college and then became room-mates and suite-mates for several years. She majored in Pre-med so we had only a few classes together, but we were able to spend a lot of our "free time" and meals sharing a lot of fun. Now she's a doctor (married to another doctor!) and has two precious little boys!
My bridesmaid Ivory, another one of my best friends. We were two of the three female engineering majors in our graduating class at PCC. Unfortunately the third girl (Julie) wasn't able to come to my wedding. We got to have almost every class together which made college a lot of fun. It's great to have wonderful friends with you who share your struggles and made college work a lot more fun.
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PoetLady said...

We bought the CD, I found a case for it, I copied all the photos to it, now we have to mail it. Ron said he will get a "CD Mailer" today whatever that is.

Surely it will go out tomorrow?

Sorry it's so late.

I always wished I had a twin too but you came close. We're very different but we had a lot of times together growing up:)

Your sis,

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is I the lone one who was unable to attend. I am so glad you posted your pictures and have really enjoyed being able to look through them all.