Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Pictures: John and Miriam

Admiring my flowers :)

Watching for John!

What a long train!

Miriam and John
These pictures were some of the first ones we took.

I like this picture - it seems to illustrate the start of our life journey together (wasn't that romantic!)

The pictures outside behind the church turned out really nice.

Thanks to Trisha for arranging our poses and all the people.

This is one of my favorites! Thank you Kevin and Karen for taken our pictures!

It was a beautiful day!

The new deck was perfect for pictures.


Anna Naomi said...

All of these pictures are so lovely! The one of you walking away is one of my favorites as well, though the other ones are beautiful as well! I'm glad you got to get some outside pictures taken.

Johnson said...

Fantastic pictures..!! Glad to see these flowers.