Friday, September 26, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures Part 6 - Seattle & Miriam's Cousin Chaz and Jana

On Sunday morning, we attending the Antioch Bible Church. While in graduate school, John had enjoyed listened to Ken Hutcherson online sermons and so was eager to see the church for himself. He preached a great message about not becoming weak in faith and how we should believe in the true God of the Bible, not one we've made up in our minds. He also mentioned the parables in Luke 14 and emphasized that God does not place a value on our lives.

As John enjoyes getting pictures with people he likes (as he says!), we introduced ourselves to Pastor Hutcherson and did get a picture with him :) After church, we met my Cousin Chaz and his wife Jana at their cute yellow house! They took us out for lunch and on a tour of Seattle. They knew all the best place to get great views of the city and so we got a lot of awesome pictures of the area. They even took us to see some unusual Seattle things - like a satue of Lenin and a giant concrete troll! We were able to go to their church, Mars Hill that night. Its a neat city church that seems to be active and effective at reaching many people in the city of Seattle, especially the young people. The church reminded me of New Attitude conferences and Sovereign Grace Church. They both have gospel centered music with more modern music and a focus on reaching out to others as well as to build up the church through thriving community groups. Both Jana and Chaz said they have grown a lot through their involvement in this growing church.

After church, we stopped for a night view of Seattle. While John took pictures, Chaz and I threw an awesome lighted frisbee. I'm not the greatest at throwing a frisbee, but I enjoyed it and loved the fact that it had lights!

After dropping Chaz and Jana back off at their house, John and I dropped off our rental car and once again found ourselves at the airport. We took off after midnight and after a couple of flights we were back in Ohio.

The honeymoon trip may be over, but we like to think that the honeymoon may never end :) We're enjoying married life and are so glad that God brought us together and protected throughout this trip. John did such a great job at planning the trip and including things that both of us enjoyed so much!


Anonymous said...

Uh, Ken Hutcherson is a hate-filled man that hardly represents the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you will look deeper into how he spends his time, the influence he wields, and the division he creates before swallowing his messages wholesale.

John said...


I am an open minded man. I have listened to many Ken Hutcherson sermons through the church website and studied about the many things he has done and find it difficult to make the same conclusions about him as you do. In order to validate the claims that you made, can you please provide some actual, concrete examples to me and the audience of our blog. I deeply value being able to discuss issues from seemingly different perspective and searching in an honest spirit for a common understanding on issues such as this. I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,