Thursday, September 25, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures Part 5 - A Waterfall and John's Great Uncle Arnold and Aunt Beatrice

On Saturday morning, we were outside on a short hike first thing in the morning. The day was perfect for walking. And since we knew we would be driving most of the afternoon, it was great to spend part of the morning outside.
This waterfall was very pretty!

I drove for a while, but soon was ready for a nap so John took over. As I got a good rest, John enjoyed all the views he could get of Mount Rainier. At one point I woke up enough to realize we had stopped. John quickly explained that we were in a little town a few miles out of the way to Seattle in order to get a better view of Mount Rainier before the interstate turned!

After arriving in Seattle, we found our way to John's Great Uncle Arnold and Aunt Beatrice's house. They had been been missionaries in Peru for many years and reminded me of my own missionary grandparents. I enjoyed getting to know them and both of us enjoyed talking with them that evening. They took us out for dinner at a good Chinese buffet. John had not seen them for 18 years and was pleasantly surprised to find that they still drove the same car! Soon it was time to say goodbye. After a week of being with just one another (which was great as well!), we enjoyed spending some time with sucn nice relatives!


Luke and Michele said...

They do seem similiar to Grandpa and Grandma, even down to the chinese buffet! How fun!

Lydia said...

Hey Miriam and John!
It has been fun to enjoy all the pictures from your honeymoon. Washington is a beautiful place!
I hope that your interview went well Miriam.
Right now I'm working in the computer lab. I've written the rough draft of a five page paper and finished two class journal entries, now on to research.
Hope you both are having a good day!
In His grace,
Philippians 1:6