Friday, September 19, 2008

Wife and Mother - Highest Calling?

I read an interesting article today on the blog Amy's Humble Musings about a woman's highest calling. As a recently married woman (almost 2 weeks now!), I have spent the last 28 years as a single girl. I had the tendency to feel that "everyone" was married, especially by my age. People would tell me how wonderful marriage and motherhood were and that they were praying that I would find a wonderful guy someday.

As I was hoping to be married someday, I appreciated their concern and prayers, yet I also wondered if there was really anything wrong with me working a job day after day. I tried to work to the glory of God - was I somehow less important since I wasn't married and didn't have that highest honor of being a wife and mother? Sometimes it felt that way, but most of the time I knew that God's plan may not be ours, yet it is still a good plan.

If you don't have time to read her full post, at least read this quote:

"The Palin ticket just highlighted some of my friends boasting, “A woman’s highest calling is to be a wife and mother.” This is not what the Bible teaches. It is right to opine that the role of a wife and mother is one’s personal calling. It is also good to note that the occupation is normative when reading the Bible as a whole. I am a wife and mother. It is what God has called me to do. However, this is not true for all women. All women should NOT aspire to be a wife and mother. Instead, all women should aspire to present their bodies a living sacrifice to the Lord. God is glorified in us when we are satisfied with His will for our lives. This is why some marry, some stay single, some have children, and some are barren. Glorify God in your present circumstance, the one you are in right now, not in a future marriage that may or may not happen."


Luke and Michele said...

Thank you for this post Miriam. It is very true that not all women are called to be wives and mothers and that there isn't anything wrong with that. God does decide who will be single and who will get married; who will have children, how many for each family, and who will not have children.
I can't wait to live near you!

Ellen (or Beckett) said...

Thank you, Miriam.


Lisa said...

Nice post, Miriam. Your point is very true. Ladies who work should not be made to feel they are any less than those who are married etc.